Friday, October 26, 2012

Work in Progress - excerpt of a Mother and Daughter portrait

These last weeks have been crazy-busy... but I really am working hard! Just to show you that I'm not being completely lazy, here's a little excerpt preview of the 16x20 portrait I'm working on right now.

These bigger, more detailed paintings usually take me several weeks, since I under-paint them with so many different colors (it's currently in the "purple and gold"-stage, as you can see.

 This painting is a new experience for me, since I'm painting it on so-called Aqua-board. This is in essence a layer of clay that has been sprayed onto a board. It's slick, and takes water (and color) very differently from what I'm used to. I am still trying to decide whether I love or hate painting on aqua board...

(oh, and the weird shiny blob in the top left corner won't stay shiny, i just painted protective misket over it so that I don't paint over the pink flower with the darker hair color)

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