Saturday, September 24, 2011

Woven Together, 6x8 illustration

A few weeks ago I was approached by an adoptive Mom who asked if I could paint a picture that honors both of her daughter's mothers - her first mother (birth mother) and her Mommy. It took me over a month to come up with a good solution - I wanted the picture to be pleasing to a child, so it wasn't allowed to be sad or too serious, yet I wanted it to convey something deeper, too.

While reading a book about adoptive parenting, I came across a beautiful metaphor for an adopted child's life: the daughter, her birth mother, and her adoptive mother are each holding a ribbon or string of a different color. As the daughter grows and matures, those three strings become intricately woven together, because they are all part of her identity, her past, her future.

I will have prints of this painting available in my Etsy shop in a week or so. Shoot me an eMail or an Etsy message if you would like to reserve one. I'll have 5x7 and 8x10 available.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Custom 17x22 Portrait

Here is a preview of the portrait before I added color - it still looks very flat with just the pencil and black ink lines!

I still need to take the finished painting outside to take some really good pictures of it - preferably when it's not raining! But here is a quick pic of the finished portrait.

Ok, here is a picture taken OUTSIDE with the proper camera settings... you get a much better idea of the richness of the colors! What a beautiful woman to have the privilege to paint...

Ps: I am going to add a beaded necklace to the painting, so check back in a few days to see the completed painting!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Custom Art, two 5x7 illustrations of a soldier and his daughter

These two paintings were commissioned for a soldier who is missing his little daughter terribly.

Custom 5x7 illustration - "MY Daddy!"

Detail from "MY Daddy"

Custom 5x7 illustration - "There's no place like Home!"

Detail from "There's no place like Home"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5x5 African Mother and Child w/ border

I have been working hard on creating lots of custom art lately, and needed a little break. So today I decided to paint a little something "just for fun" - I really love African fabrics because the colors are so vivid and bright, and the designs are just stunningly beautiful. I added some gold accents to this painting here and there, too.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 10-21 ACEOs - more *love* map silhouettes

In anticipation of a few very busy weeks (lots of custom art orders, yay!), I worked ahead a little for my Everyday Art project.

I painted these maps to color coordinate with the other adoption art I've painted.

Sept 10 ACEO - I love India

Sept 11 ACEO - I love India

Sept 12 ACEO - I love India

Sept 13 ACEO - I love USA

Sept 14 ACEO - I love USA

Sept 15 ACEO - I love USA

Sept 16 ACEO - I love Ethiopia

Sept 17 ACEO - I love Ethiopia

Sept 18 ACEO - I love Ethiopia

Sept 19 ACEO - I love Haiti

Sept 20 ACEO - I love Haiti

Sept 21 ACEO - I love Haiti

I don't have prints of all of these maps yet, but can easily have them made if you are interested...

September 9 ACEO

September 9 ACEO - Little boy curls

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FREE shipping in my Etsy Shop

MossyRockDesigns Adoption Art SALE!

All of this month I am offering free shipping if you buy 2 or more of my prints from

Message me BEFORE placing an order to tell me which prints you want so that I can set up a custom listing for you that doesn't have a shipping charge.

If you spend more than $30, I will give you an additional 10% discount!

All $$s from art sales go into our adoption fund. To find out more about our adoption, you can visit our adoption blog,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 3-8 ACEOs - I love Guatemala and I love China

Here are a few more map paintings that color coordinate with my other adoption art.

Sept 3 ACEO - I love Guatemala

Sept 4 ACEO - I love Guatemala

Sept 5 ACEO - I love Guatemala

Sept 6 ACEO - I love China

Sept 7 ACEO - I love China

Sept 8 ACEO - I love China

I will be painting Haiti outlines soon too... any other special map requests?

Aug 27 - Sep 2 ACEOs

I've had a few requests for some Chinese children and for some more African boys with different styles of hair.
Aug 27 ACEO - Little Chinese Boy

Aug 28 ACEO - Little Chinese Girl

Aug 29 ACEO - Little Boy Fro

Aug 30 ACEO - Little Boy with Twists

Aug 31 ACEO - Little Boy with Cornrows

Sept 1 ACEO - Little Chinese Girl with Fan - I added golden embellishments to this painting.

Sept 2 ACEO - Chinese Girl meeting her Momma (soon available in my Etsy shop!)

Stay tuned for some more map paintings...