Saturday, March 23, 2013

Custom 11x14 Portrait Painting

The most recent custom portrait I painted was especially fun for me to create: Little Boo is such a gorgeous child, and I got to play with colors!

Rory from Chocolate Hair/ Vanilla Care approached me early last year about creating a custom painting of her daughter, Boo. She patiently waited until it was her turn, and once the painting was done, honored me with a special feature post on her wonderful blog! If you would like to read it, the link is HERE

Custom 11x14 Portrait of little Boo

Detail view of Boo's face in my painting
Because there have been quite a few inquiries lately: I am currently not accepting new custom clients. I still have so many clients on my wait list... I am working very hard to finish paintings for everyone, and once the list is at a more manageable number, I will accept a few new custom clients. I will announce this on my Facebook artist page,  - so please make sure you have "liked" me!

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