Tuesday, March 6, 2012

8x8 color sketch - Little Friends

I finished an 8x8 color sketch today for a bigger painting I plan to paint. I'm calling it 'Little Friends.'

The big version will be painted a lot more "high key" - which means that the colors will be lighter, with more sun glare. There will also be less purple, and I plan to blur the non-essential details to help the viewer focus on the faces more...

Doesn't this make YOU want to play with pebbles, sitting in the sunshine?!


  1. LOVE:) You do custom art, right? This totally would be perfect for my daugthers' room!! But I'd love to see it look more like my daughters!

  2. Hi Courtney,
    eMail me at mossyrockdesings(at)yahoo.com and we can work out the specifics. :o)