Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dec 30 - 31 ACEOs - aaaand the 2011 Everyday Art Project is COMPLETE!

The final two ACEO paintings from the 2011 Everyday Art Project are in honor of my two wonderful boys. They haven't been featured as often as I would have thought at the beginning of the year... who knew that I would find myself mainly painting Africa-related art?

These two boys are my life (well, obviously, my husband is, too... but he's not as cute to paint!). They inspire me, make me laugh, make my day with hugs and slobbery kisses, drive me batty with their mischief. These two boys are the best sons a Momma could ask for (and once our Ethiopian adoption is complete, they will be the best big brothers, too!)

Dec 30 ACEO - my wonderful big boy, Mark

Dec 31 ACEO - my little mischief maker, Sean

My Everyday Art project is now complete - 365 little ACEO paintings now have been finished, plus a whole bunch of bigger pieces. Some of my original ACEOs will be for sale (I'll announce it on my FB page, and some I will save for an art show. Some I will also save for myself or my family. If you are in love with one (or several) of my paintings, don't be shy to ask me whether the original will be available...

It is really fun for me to look back through all the paintings. I can definitely see a learning curve - I feel like this challenge really was worth all the hard work. Obviously not all the paintings were stellar. There were some days where I was very close to giving up. Taking a little time every day to paint also gave my daily life a lot of fulfillment. I would encourage every Momma to find something she really loves to do - and DO it regularly.

To those of you who are just beginning painting, or have only thought about it, I would love to encourage you to just go for it. Practice, practice, practice! And don't be afraid of failure... and don't throw your paintings away. A few of the paintings I really didn't like when I first finished them are now my favorites. 

This next year I will be working with a little less structure, and I hope to create some bigger, higher quality paintings rather than many small ones. I also enrolled in my very first ever Watercolor class at the community college! 

I hope you will keep on checking this blog to see my newest paintings...

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