Sunday, January 22, 2012

Custom Art - 8x10 "Playing in the Dirt"

It has been a while since I posted... I am working on several paintings and other projects right now, and WILL post pictures of each once I am finished. I have several custom orders I am working on right now, and tomorrow I also start taking my (first ever!) watercolor class at the Community College. 

This evening I finished a custom painting for J.C. of her adorable son. She sent me several pictures of him and told me a little bit about him, and we decided that I would paint him playing with a truck in the dirt. I am very happy with how well I captured his likeness. 

It was fun to paint dirt onto his hands, pants, shirt, and legs!

Here is a close-up of his cute little face. Don't you love his curls and sweet smile?

Dear J.C. thank you for supporting our adoption by asking me to paint your son! 

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