Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2012 Art resolutions

I still have 10 of my Everyday Art paintings that I need to post - I'll try to get around to it either today or tomorrow!

I'm not really a person who makes New Years resolutions for my daily life. I'm of the opinion that a person can gain or lose weight any time during the year. A person should always strive to be better, kinder, more loving. Right now is always the best time to start making better decisions.

Just for fun, I did make some art resolutions for this next year. Did you know that my Everyday Art Project started as a rogue New Year resolution?! Look where it got me.

Here we go:
-Experiment! I want to try out some new methods and mediums. This past year has been dedicated to watercolor illustration, but I can actually do acrylics too...

-Wear my glasses while I paint! (Hey wait, the paper isn't blurry?!)

-Listen to music more often while I paint. This helps with 'getting into the zone'...

-Paint fewer paintings, but larger sizes, and in better quality than last year!

-To paint with acrylics again, and to paint on more diverse surfaces. I have an assortment of wooden boxes and boards that I've been collecting over the course of last year that I can't wait to paint on! That 100-year-old closet didn't need that back oak panel, right?

-Paint 4 custom pieces each during the following months: Jan (already booked!), April (3 spots still available), July, October. The rest of the time will be spent painting for my art show! If you would like a custom painting, I'm only doing 16 this next year... so there are just 11 more slots!

-I'm going to start selling resin-covered domino pendants with my art embedded in my Etsy shop! Some will have prints, some will be with tiny original paintings!

-Last but not least, I need to clean up my art corner, and streamline Etsy shipping so that I spend less time with admin and more time painting!

What are YOUR art resolutions for 2012?

Happy New Year 2012!!!

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