Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nov 8-10 ACEOs - children in Tanzania

My sister lives in Tanzania, and I just received a letter from her. These next three paintings were partly inspired by some of her descriptions.

Nov 8 ACEO - blue scarf

Nov 9 ACEO - blue dress

Nov 10 ACEO - blue beads

These last 13 paintings were painted on hot press watercolor paper, which I have to admit, I really don't particularly like painting on. It is GREAT for drawing on (since it doesn't have the rough texture of cold press that a black ink pen sometimes gets stuck in), but while painting the color pigments kept floating away because this kind of paper just plain is not absorbent. It is HARD to get a smooth finish without too many unwanted water-edges on this kind of paper. I really shouldn't complain, since this paper was free... but I'm happy to return to my usual cold press watercolor paper!

Speaking of watercolor paper, my all-time favorite is Arches cold press. It is worth the price... the resulting colors are more vivid than on any other paper I have painted on, and it is WONDERFULLY absorbent. I paint all my custom orders on Arches 140lb 100% cotton. 
For the Everyday Art project, I am trying to use the stacks and stacks of watercolor paper I inherited from my grandpa when he and my grandma moved out of their big house into a condo. It is kind of fun to paint on paper that is 20-60 years old! This does, however, require me to be flexible because the texture, quality, and absorbency varies very widely.   

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