Friday, October 28, 2011

Winner, winnerssssssSSSSSSSSS!

Thank you to those who participated in the most recent "seconds" print give-away.

I am going to change things up just a little: There were 49 entries, by 9 different people. So first off, I am going to send each of the 9 people one of the "Mother's Love" prints. So, Lindsey, Katy, Janet, Precious, Kirsten, Leah, Debbie, Katie and Maria please eMail me your mailing addresses (I know, I have some of your addresses already because you have ordered art from me...) to mossyrockdesigns(at)

This leaves  1 more Mother's Love prints, as well as all the other prints to give away. I'm also going to switch one of the "his curls" boy prints for another of the little toddler in profile prints (#3) since there was more interest in this one.
Using, here are the winning entries:

1. Mother's Love - EVERYBODY WHO ENTERED GETS ONE! (yay!)
The extra one that is left goes to entry #21:
Precious @ said...
I shared your status about this giveaway on my own profile!

2. Looking Forward (blond girl in profile)
Winning entry is #10:
Katy~The Country Blossom said...
From your shop, I love the Mrs Mouse Knitting 5x7 watercolor illustration!!! :)

3. Toddler in profile (June 7)
Winning entry is #34:
Debbie said...
Brown Eyed Girl & Safe in my Arms are my favs

   Toddler in profile (June 7)
Winning entry is #5
Lindsey said...
I shared your giveaway on FB!!

4. Sweetness
Winning entry is #42:
Mr and Mrs Lorentzon said...
-My favorite Etsy painting is "Meeting my Mamma on Adoption Day" but I wish I could buy every single one featuring a beautiful African girl.
(she bought 2 prints, which gave her 8 extra entries, in case you are having trouble following the count)

5. His Curls - Winning entry is #27:
Lindsey said...I posted your Etsy shop! Entry 1. :)

    His Curls - Winning entry is #49:
MarksMomma said...
My friend Maria asked me to add an entry for her. :) So here it is. :)

I'm happy to be able to give everyone who participated at least one print. :) 

Tune back in in a few weeks for the next give-away!


  1. Katie, thanks so much for the magical news and congratulations to all the wonderful winners! : )

  2. I just picked up some matts and frames for the prints I ordered....cannot wait to get them on display in the play room!