Monday, August 8, 2011

August 1-13 ACEOs

Some of my blog readers may or may not know that our family is in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. The thought of her is providing so much inspiration to me to paint!

August 1 ACEO - Before Court

August 2 ACEO - Tutu in the Morning (Thank you to Harmony Pyper for letting me use her photo of her darling daughter!)

August 3 ACEO - To Market

August 4 ACEO

August 5 ACEO

August 6 ACEO

August 7 ACEO - This one is one of my all-time favorites. The lines of her face are really simply drawn, but the expression on her face is so sweet. Plus, I think dreads or braids look absolutely wonderful on little girls!
(Thank you to Laura for letting me use a pic of her daughter for inspiration!)

August 8 ACEO

August 9 ACEO

August 10 ACEO - Hold my Hand

August 11 ACEO - "I can't sleep, Mommy."

August 12 ACEO - Good morning, Sunshine!

August 13 ACEO - Swinging her Hair

~Which one of this little set of paintings is YOUR favorite? I would love some feedback!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! My 4 yr old daughter kept saying, "She looks like me!" My favorite is "Good Morning Sunshine."

  2. You let me know when these are available on your Etsy store!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work,it captures my heart! I'd love to order a few for our playroom.

  3. Thank you Carrie, and Bobby and Courtney!
    The paintings will be available as prints in my Etsy store soon (any special requests for which ones?)... the originals will be available next Spring after my art show.
    B&C, do you have an eMail address I can contact you at? :o) If you don't want to post it on here, you can eMail me at

  4. SERIOUSLY LOVE YOUR WORK! Have many "favorites" on etsy! :)

  5. They are all beautiful and filled with love, how can one choose a favorite????

  6. How totally awesome! My youngest granddaughter is adopted from Ethiopia =) Your artwork is lovely.