Friday, July 22, 2011

July 9-19 ACEOs - Colorful Dinosaur Doodles!

In the midst of painting 5 custom paintings I also tried to keep up with my Everyday Art project... so here are 11 fun little dinosaur doodles. They aren't by any means the height of my artistic output, but they were fun, nonetheless. :o)

July 9 ACEO

July 10 ACEO

July 11 ACEO

July 12 ACEO

July 13 ACEO

July 14 ACEO

July 15 ACEO

July 16 ACEO

July 17 ACEO

July 18 ACEO

Jul 19 ACEO

...on a side note, I have now painted 206 ACEOs in my Everyday Art Project. This means I am well into the home stretch!

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