Friday, June 24, 2011

June 4-12 ACEOs... hope the wait was worth it!

I still need to finish the final 2 paintings in this series... but I finished these ones, and so, decided to post them. Thank you for your patience - I hope the wait was worth it!

I have been thinking about and praying for orphans in Africa a lot lately. This is what prompted me to paint this little series.

June 4 ACEO -

June 5 ACEO

June 6 ACEO

June 7 ACEO - this painting had a funky fiber in the paper, so it looks like the little guy has a laser beam coming out of his eye. Unfortunately, there isn't really anything I can do about this.

June 8 ACEO

June 9 ACEO - this painting is one of my favorites. It was so much fun to paint the colorful fabric! I think I will paint a series of African women wearing colorfully printed clothes... sometime in the near future...

June 10 ACEO

June 11 ACEO

June 12 ACEO

I will post the final 2 in the next few days. These paintings definitely took longer than a lot of the other ones I've done for the Everyday Art project, although I have noticed that I have gotten a LOT faster than I used to be. I wanted to see if my "traditional" portrait watercolor skills were still any good, and I had so much fun!

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