Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 8 ACEO - work in progress

I have always loved hibiscus flowers, so I decided to paint this from one of the photographs I took a while back. I thought this is also a good example to demonstrate the process of painting a floral watercolor.

First, I add a rough wash of the background, with some definition and texturing.

Next, I add some darker shades of green, to create shadows and also to make veins visible in a few of the leaves. I also added some masking medium to the tiny stamen details so I don't have to worry as much about accidentally painting over them.

I add a simple pink wash onto the blossom.

At this point, still using a large paintbrush with a fine point, I add some of the texture and shadows to the bloom.

After removing the masking medium, I add yellow pollen, and finish the stamen. I also added a few more shadows to the bloom.

The finished ACEO: trimmed, signed, ready to go.

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