Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb 24, 25, 26 ACEOs

I have boxes and boxes of photographs I took over the past 10 years... all with the intention to use the images for painting inspirations at some point. I have used a lot of them to make greeting cards instead... but today I felt like painting some of them.

Feb 24 ACEO: A view of Port Vell, in Barcelona, Spain. While I was pregnant with Mark in early 2006, I spent a decent bit of time in Barcelona visiting my friend Claudia while Ben was in Iraq. I fell in love with this loud, dirty, beautiful city. Port Vell was within walking distance from where Claudia lived. I really enjoyed taking a good book and a snack there, and spent hours reading and enjoying the view while Claudia was in class.

Feb 25: Mosque-style pavilion in the gardens of Schloss Schwetzingen, Germany.

Feb 26 ACEO: An evening view of wintery Romanshorn, Switzerland. Although this little painting looks very basic, it was actually quite tricky to get the sun glare just right... I am quite pleased with it though. I think I will experiment with painting sun glare some more in the future.

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