Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb 1 ACEO

The first month of my Everyday Art Project is over, and I feel refreshed. As a Momma of 2 sweet little boys it is often hard to prioritize taking 30 mins a day for myself, to do some painting (or take a shower). This project is a good motivator to be consistent, has helped me be more efficient with my time in other areas, and in the end, has helped me stay relaxed because art makes me so happy.

As the month of February came closer, I tried to think of a specific theme I would like to paint all month. I thought I was going to do a "Flying Pig"-alphabet, I even got so far as to draw the A and the B onto my little ACEO papers... but suddenly I felt unmotivated and a little restless at the thought of being confined to 26 letters. I decided that, for right now, I will stick with the day-to-day random creative ideas, whether it's a landscape, an illustration of the kids, or as is the case today, a silly little moose cartoon:

Meet Hot Momma Moose.

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